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This fantastic Online Shop is now up and running. If you look at what you are wearing and are not satisfied by how it make you look, just stop by and take a look around in Gera Mae’s Online Shop. However, up and running is a slight exaggeration, walking or crawling slowly is more precis for a little while. Our fantastic fashion can make you look fantastic, but unfortunately there are some rubbing and polishing still needing to be done on the web server. Because of that, you might experience a few glitches that are not according to your expectations, and if those technicalities are stopping you from take advantage of our fantastic fashion, please send an email to [email protected]. Then we will do our best to tell the web server to behave, so you can start wearing fashion from Gera Mae’s Online Shop.

If you want advice or information about our clothes and accessories, then you need to avoid the webmaster and instead send and email to [email protected]. The products you find in Gera Mae’s Online Shop, is there because we love how they make you look. We love to share that feeling with you.

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